MALTA AS METAPHOR, video installation by  Myriam Thyes, 2008


All video and sound recordings: Myriam Thyes, Malta and Gozo 2006 + 2007.
Where not mentioned differently: all photographs by Myriam Thyes, Malta + Gozo 2006 + 2007, and Venice Naval History Museum, 2007.
M. Thyes has used reproductions of drawings and paintings of old ships from the magazine "Sacra Militia" (2002 + 2005) and the book "Navi Venete" (1983).

Sound mix: Denis Rosen, Dusseldorf


in Malta to:

For a comprehensive introduction to the history of the Order of the Knights of St. John: Jörg-Dieter Brandes, in his book 'Korsaren Chritsti'

For background information considering refugees in Malta, and for contacts: Pro Asyl, Frankfurt, and Alessandra Sciurba, Venice

For the use of 5 photos: courtesy © José Palazun Osma / Asociacion pro derechos de la Infancia Prodein, Melilla (spanish enclave in Morocco), and Umbruch Bildarchiv, Berlin
For the use of 2 photos: courtesy © Chiara Tamburini, Brussels
For the use of one photo: courtesy © Dougald Hine, Sheffield, UK

For historical informations of all kind: Wikipedia

For the generous support of this project: Swiss Federal Office of Culture (BAK, Sitemapping)